Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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    S01E21: Digital Monster of the Week

    Join us on this very special week where we have on Jeremy (@jggreer) and talk about a very special episode of Digimon, that may or may not include incest.

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    S01E19: Digi Game Over Man

    This week the Digi Gang find a mysterious spiky haired boy with a blade made out of a key.

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    S01E16: The Final Digideletion

    This week the Digi Gang talk about maybe one of the coolest episodes yet... and Dark Souls.... and Wrestling...

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    S01E15: Big Etemon Is Watching

    This week the digi gang pick up an extra guest, and make leaps in bounds in the shared Dark Souls/Digimon universe theory. Also new bad guy that is pretty cool! Also apologizes about Crow's audio.

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    S01E14: Deji Mart

    This week the Deji Gang follow a side quest to get some tags.

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