Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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    S01E38: 6 Digis 6 Persons 6 Doors

    This week the Digi Sailor Stars fulfill some prophecy about podcasting about this episode of Digimon or something.

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    S01E37: Digi Re Do

    This week the Digi Sailor Stars are joined by Chris (@WyrmWithWhy) and Rachel (@TheIronRei) as they talk about this episode of Digimon that has like reverse furries and spirit bombs, you know the normal.

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    S01E36: Miami Digivice

    This week the 3 Digimigos...talk about digimon...kind of...expect not really, mostly just not digimon things. Episode was pretty good though, good episode of this anime since you know we are a digimon podcast and stuff.

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    S01E35: The King Digi James Version

    This week the 3 Digimigos are joined by Autumn (@missusgreer) to talk about the second best episode in Adventure!

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    S01E34: Return to the Digi

    This week the Digi gang bring on Team Super Nuclear and kind of talk about Digimon, also Kari is the 8th child who knew!?

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    S01E33: Digimons Just Wanna Have Fun

    This week the Digi Gang talk about pretty much anything with Xeno in the title. Well as long as it is a video game. Oh yeah the episode is pretty good too.

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    S01E32: Big Fat Digi Drag

    This week the Digi Gang discuss who the 8th Child might be because that sure is quite the mystery (Spoilers it's Hikari)

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    S01E31: Show Me Your Rave DigiArt

    This week the Digi Gang have some good clean Digimon fun with one of the best episodes, so of course they don't stay on topic.

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    S01E30: The Digi Gang vs the Digiverse

    This week the Digi Gang have on an Alexandermon and they talk about Dr. Who...mon and Stranger Danger...mon and Audio Issuesmon makes an apperance and should be a digi egg again by the next episode.

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