Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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    S02E46: Digi! Digi! High Voltage!

    The bounds of good taste kept this from being named "Digi Jail", which is terrible for reasons you'll find out at the end.

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    S02E41: Digi Law Suit

    This podcast episode is henceforth evidence to be used in the court of law...digi law.

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    S02E39: #DigiGhostLife

    This week..just a couple of episodes. A par for the course week for the first time in forever it seems.

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    S02E38: Digi Insertion

    This week one of us is mature and doesn't take the low hanging fruit of insertion jokes, and the other is Cat.

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    S02E37: Digi Philosophy

    This week 02 drops a huge lore dump, and Appmon burns some of it's good faith.

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    S02E34: Deus Ex Digimonchina

    This week somehow Fletch is unbanned again. Blame the AI or BlackWarGreymon or the holy stones whatever.

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    S02E32: Digi Second Edition

    This week 02 talks about it's lack of a soul, while Appmon gives us more Offmon in case you were not sick of them yet.

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    S02E31: A Trip to the Digi Ocean

    This week is the 100th episode of Going Digital, and there sure could have been some better episodes of Digimon to go with it.

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    S02E30: Digimaturity

    This week the crew faces facts and agrees that Davis is maybe not awful.

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    S02E27: Porkin' Across Digimerica

    Shin Garrett knows nothing about this episode and did not listen to it before hand as well as taking Fletch's working title for it. So these opinions do not reper---blah blah you get the idea.

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    S02E25: Deep Digi Web

    This week we apologize for any audio issues as it looks like somehow Cat's audio was using the wrong mic to record.

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    S02E23: Digi Conspiracy

    This week Shin Garrett questions the wiki only to be proven it was right in the end.

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    S02E22: DigiZip

    This week the worst episode of Digimon...and an Appmon episode.

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    S02E21: Rock Paper Digi

    This week the end of an arc as the Digimon Emperor is finally taken down, plus idol training montages!

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    S02E20: The Digireat Gatsby

    This week we all find out what happens when Shin Garrett can't be around for a recording.

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    S02E18: Digimon Go

    This week the power of friendship is an important treasure. Along with feelings, and some character development...kind of.

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    S02E17: Digi in the TV Station

    This week tangents on Adventure nostalgia and Garrett failing at explaining Idol things and Eri.

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    S02E14: Money Digi Exchanger

    This week discussions about changing currency in the Digital World, and Shin Garrett not making an Ex-Aid reference for the puzzle episode of Appmon.

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    S02E11: The Power of Digiship

    This week the gang is joined by Logan to try to understand what 02 thinks friendship is and how one walks on water.

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    S02E10: Digi Party

    This week we have a Digi Party as we talk about the first episode in the double digits of this season.

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    S02E09: Digi Shot

    This week 02 is really dark and in Appmon the AI creator teaches kids that AIs are a-okay and nothing to worry about at all.

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    S02E08: Digi Cursed

    This week, this episode is cursed, internet breaking, audio echos, everything. It's cursed, and this was the second try!

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    S02EACEN01: ACEN 2018

    Sooo yeah a near dead Shin Garrett recorded this to make sure there was something out. It goes as well as you may think it does.

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    S02E06: Digi Picnic

    This week Shin Garrett got a break from editing as May joined the group as a guest to talk about the first lesbian episode of 02.

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    S02E05: Digi Punch

    "Alright, so, Eri says it six times in the main episode, plus once more before the credits, and Dokamon says it twice. There, I did it." - Sporky 2018

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    S02E04: Knife of Digi

    This week the Digiblade Masters cook up some hot opinions on this episode of 02 and then get sweet on the episode of Appmon.

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    S02E03: I'm okay with the Digi Horse

    This week the Digiblade Masters watch maybe the best episode of Digimon ever in Appmon Episode 3...and then there is something about 02 or whatever. Oh and Fletch is here.

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    S02E02: Digi Gatekeeping

    This week the Digiblade Masters...I dunno talk about some episodes of Digimon. Nothing to crazy.

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    S02E01: Enter The DigiDragon

    This week the Digiblade Masters gained a new host as they dived (I'm not letting this joke die) into the first episode of 02 and Appmon.

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    S02EAF01: I Will Never Break Digifabe

    The real Shin Garrett is writing this summary, and really I haven't listen to this yet myself, so who knows what happened. 02 starts next week though...so there is that.

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    S01EWSG01: Dead On The Digi Toilet

    This week the Digi Doughnuts are only half DigiDestined and joined by Fletch (@bustrider) to talk about the first Wondersawn Game featuring Ryo!

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    S01EMSR01: Poetry in Digi

    This week I think wikipedia pages have been edited from recording the episode to release so I can't find some for the show notes...go figure. Besides that this week the Digi Doughnuts were joined by Alex (@ProApocalyptic) to 'review' Music from the Motion Picture Digimon: The Movie.

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    S01EDTM01: It's been a Digi Minute

    This week Sporky didn't give Garrett the time code for what she wanted inserted into the episode, so it isn't there. Other than that this week the Digi Doughnuts were joined by John (@johnny_tpots) of The Minute Podcast (@minutepod) to talk about most of the US Digimon movie and not Summer Wars.

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    S01ESR01: Digi Adventure Recap

    This week the Digi Mimi Fanclub...Mimi Digi Fanclub...something with Digi, Mimi, and Fanclub in the title talk about Adventure as a whole, and some other stuff too! Including special reoccurring guest May from Lost In Translationmon!

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    S01E55: Digi Musical Interlude

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders were busy, so we didn't put out a real episode. Instead, here's a supercut of our spoken word songs.

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    S01E54: It's Raining DigiEggs

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders finish up the end of Adventure. What more is there to say, Adventure we finished it. Go Team.

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    S01E53: Digi Clip Show

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders don't cover up Tri talk with music this week, because it was the most interesting thing to talk about in this episode of clips.

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    S01E52: Digi Playing with Dolls

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders talk about Dolls, and how this episode should have been better than it was.

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    S01E51: Proto Digi Dark Ocean

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders talk about some Digi Dark Caves and other stuff...like Warframe, which is totally Digimon.

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    S01E50: Digi Cat Fight

    This week the new Girls Digi Battle + Garrett, talk about that one episode of Digimon...with the Cat Fight.

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    S01E48: Is it DigiMetal?

    This week The Digiteers ask a very important question: Is it (digi)metal?

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    S01E47: Dead Leomon++

    This week on this very special episode The Digiteers get to talk about their first Leomon getting killed.

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    S01E46: The Phantom Metaletemon

    This week the 3 Digiteers have on guest Cat as they talk they continue their adventure down the Dark Masters Arc with more Puppetmon, oh and an old friend in Etemon comes back.

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    S01ETA02: Digierminaton

    This week the...Digi Takaro are here (minus Davide), but with May and Jay and Stevie to talk more Tri Abridged! This time part 2! It will be what you expect most likely.

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    S01E45: Digi Lore Dump

    This week the Digi Takaro talk about Digimon for the most the group has maybe had for the entire podcast, go figure. Shin Garrett also gets names wrong and feels bad about it in post.

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    S01E43: The Digivolution is up and Takaro

    This week the Digi Takaro have on May and Jay from Lost in Translationmon to talk about what is possibly the best episode in Digimon Adventure. So instead they talk about everything else but that episode, and make fun of Garrett.

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    S01E42: Down with the Digi Sickness

    This week the Masked Digis have on Sick Garrett in place of Shin Garrett as they mostly not talk about the episode in question. Though really rated over an Ogremon in a box, we swear.

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    S01E41: Digiperience

    Some we missed out on the Love Shack joke as the 3 Digis in a pod were joined by Rachel to talk about this episode of Digimon...where...things happened? Then we get a Fate History lesson, and then talk about waifus for way to long.

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    S01E40: The Digister 4

    The week the Digibate Club cover a boring episode that covers some plot and then talk about DBZ for half the episode.

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    S01ETA01: Digireunion

    This week two thirds of the Digibate Club are here with May, Jay, and Stevie as they recaps jokes that were done in Digimon Tri Abridged! There is some other stuff too, but fair warning up front it's explaining jokes the whole way through.

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    S01E39: Restrain My Digivolution Senpai

    This week the....Digibate Club, do stuff and things. You know podcast! I (Shin Garrett) got nothin, this is sub Ogremon in a box.

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    S01E38: 6 Digis 6 Persons 6 Doors

    This week the Digi Sailor Stars fulfill some prophecy about podcasting about this episode of Digimon or something.

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    S01E37: Digi Re Do

    This week the Digi Sailor Stars are joined by Chris (@WyrmWithWhy) and Rachel (@TheIronRei) as they talk about this episode of Digimon that has like reverse furries and spirit bombs, you know the normal.

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    S01E36: Miami Digivice

    This week the 3 Digimigos...talk about digimon...kind of...expect not really, mostly just not digimon things. Episode was pretty good though, good episode of this anime since you know we are a digimon podcast and stuff.

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    S01E35: The King Digi James Version

    This week the 3 Digimigos are joined by Autumn (@missusgreer) to talk about the second best episode in Adventure!

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    S01E34: Return to the Digi

    This week the Digi gang bring on Team Super Nuclear and kind of talk about Digimon, also Kari is the 8th child who knew!?

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    S01E33: Digimons Just Wanna Have Fun

    This week the Digi Gang talk about pretty much anything with Xeno in the title. Well as long as it is a video game. Oh yeah the episode is pretty good too.

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    S01E32: Big Fat Digi Drag

    This week the Digi Gang discuss who the 8th Child might be because that sure is quite the mystery (Spoilers it's Hikari)

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    S01E31: Show Me Your Rave DigiArt

    This week the Digi Gang have some good clean Digimon fun with one of the best episodes, so of course they don't stay on topic.

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    S01E30: The Digi Gang vs the Digiverse

    This week the Digi Gang have on an Alexandermon and they talk about Dr. Who...mon and Stranger Danger...mon and Audio Issuesmon makes an apperance and should be a digi egg again by the next episode.

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    S01OD01: Going Lost in Translational

    Join the Digi Gang along with Lost in Translationmon's May and Jay as they talk about the first Digimon light novel, in the only way Going Digital knows how, by barely talking about it.

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    S01E29: Anime Suffering

    This week the Digi Gang have on Gary from Duckfeed.tv and have a digi radical time.

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    S01E28: Glamour Oxygen

    This week the Digi Gang go to the dimension where they talk about everything but the episode, even though it's pretty good.

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    S01E24: Live from D3

    This is a live recording of this year Going Digital D3 conference in Digi Angeles, we apologize for any difference in audio quality but as you may understand we were recording in special circumstances. The regular schedule will reprise next week.

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    S01E21: Digital Monster of the Week

    Join us on this very special week where we have on Jeremy (@jggreer) and talk about a very special episode of Digimon, that may or may not include incest.

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    S01E20: Metal Greymon Solid

    This week the Digi Gang super evolve as lore theory universe expands. Also Metal Greymon.

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    S01E19: Digi Game Over Man

    This week the Digi Gang find a mysterious spiky haired boy with a blade made out of a key.

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    S01E18: Digimon is a Digi Western

    This week the Digi Gang rate some barriers and learn that the power of the desert is an important theme.

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    S01E16: The Final Digideletion

    This week the Digi Gang talk about maybe one of the coolest episodes yet... and Dark Souls.... and Wrestling...

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    S01E15: Big Etemon Is Watching

    This week the digi gang pick up an extra guest, and make leaps in bounds in the shared Dark Souls/Digimon universe theory. Also new bad guy that is pretty cool! Also apologizes about Crow's audio.

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    S01E14: Deji Mart

    This week the Deji Gang follow a side quest to get some tags.

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    S01E13: Digivice Demon

    The week the Digi Crew finish up the first main arc of Adventure.

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    S01AF01: A Digi Bible Story

    This week the Digi Gang...? Talk about the end of the first arc of Digimon 01, and find the deeper meaning behind things.

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    S01E12: Digi Anor Londo

    This week Davide becomes Digi Hollow as he has some (a) nice thing(s) to say about the dub.

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    S01E10: A Monstermon in the Maze

    This week the Digi Gang talks about some lore theories...kind of. There is also a lot of Simpsons talk.

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    S01E08: Comrade Devimon

    This week, the most evil of the bad Digimon and his boss show up, and the robe meat is a lie.

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    S01E06: Rage Mimi Rage

    This week the Digi Crew grab a guest, who is Chris and we talk about a Cactus and a Stuffed Bear fighting and making scary sounds.

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    S01E05: Digimon Nihilism

    This week the digi gang discuses how digi code just might work, and other lore stuff we will never see again.

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    S01E02: Digi Phantom Phone Booth

    At the sound of the tone, the group talks about the difference between Gomamon and Aquaman.
    The number you have dialed knows that Greymon isn't grey.

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